8 mai 2013

Shield and Sword for Blizzard’s 10-Anniversary Employee Auctioned Online

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According to the media, a shield and a one-handed sword exclusive for Blizzard staff are being auctioned by a third-party dealer. The shield is the gift for employees who have worked in the company for 10 years, and the sword for those working for 5 years.


Shield and Sword for Blizzard's 10-Anniversary Employee Auctioned Online 20130705031924



There is a big letter “L” in the front side of the shield. In Warcraft, “L” stands for “Lordaeron”. Arthas Menethil, the Lich King, is the Lordaeron kingdom’s successor.


The shied and the sword both have a deep emotional value to all Blizzard staff, thus it is pretty surprising that the owner is willing to give up the two items. The auction starts at an overwhelming $9.999 bid. Think it’s too high and won’t have a buyer? Think twice. Back in 2008, the Epic Weapons Frostmourne replica tagged « # 0001 produced » was sold for $20,700.


Statement: we can’t confirm the sword and shield are genuine.


The sword and shield awarded ceremony is Blizzard’s traditional event. From 1996, Blizzard started awarded their diligent employees with the shield and sword. Every year, Blizzard’s employees attend this ceremony together. Workers with a five-year service can get a sword, and those working in the company for 10 years can get a shield. If working for 15 years, the worker can be awarded with a special ring.

The sword’ shape changes every year, but for the shield, its shape keeps the same. Needless to say, it’s because of the employees’ dedication that Blizzard has become such a great company!

7 mai 2013

Funding Goal for Sexism Documentary in Gaming Industry Fulfilled

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GTFO is a sexism-themed documentary in the gaming field and produced by New York-based filmmaker Shannon Sun-Higginson. Now it is announced that the funding goal of $20,000 for this film has been fulfilled.


Funding Goal for Sexism Documentary in Gaming Industry Fulfilled 20130605095114


The film’s intent is to expose « the harassment of women in video games » though developer, blogger, player and scholar interviews. Sun-Higginson, who self-identifies as a casual gamer, wrote on the Kickstarter page that she was « shocked » at the amount of abuse female gamers take on a daily basis and began researching and filming GTFO as a result.


« The purpose of this documentary is to reveal the experiences of women in the gaming world, both good and bad, as well as to provide steps we can take to change the environment for the better, » the Kickstarter page reads.


GTFO reached its goal May 1 and will continue to raise funds until May 10. Those interested can donate in reward tiers ranging from $10 to $500. Funding will go toward shooting expenses, post-production, licensing rights for gaming footage and images and promotional materials.


On March 26, people started raising funding for this documentary. At the press time, the funding has reached more than $22,000 with the help of 800 backers.


6 mai 2013

Blizzard recruits storyboard artists for World of Warcraft film

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Blizzard’s Vice president of Art Nick Carpenter: I’m looking for storyboard artists that have experience in film. Can’t talk about the project but it’s going to be EPIC!




Storyboard, Film experience, you may think of Warcraft film at a first glance of these words. However, Blizzard is probably working on much more.


Obviously, it is unknown to us what this recruitment is for. But we can think of a few projects that might fit the bill.


Warcraft film: Needless to say, it’s the most reasonable guess for seeking a storyboard artist at this point.


Next-Gen MMO: Lot of “if”s here. If the Next-Gen MMO was to be announced this BlizzCon (November 8-9), if they were to unveil a cinematic teaser, they might need a storyboard artist for the Next-Gen MMO team. Can Blizzard pull that off in less than 6 months? Too Challenging.




Hearthstone: Hmm, why not. It’s going into beta in a few weeks from now. I have all Blizzard PC games, and I have never seen a Blizzard game without a cinematic intro.


StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void: It’s been a month and a half since Heart of the Swarm launched. What are the chances Legacy of the Void is already in development? Did you see how many cinematics and cutscenes Heart of the Swarm had? Crazy and awesome, right?


World of Warcraft expansion: It’s no secret Blizzard aims to ship WoW expansions faster — within the 16 months window. Mists of Pandaria shipped on September 25, 2012. It’s been 7 months since it went live. By November, it will be 13 months and a half since MOP went live. Beta tests last around 6 months. Thus, there is a mismatch there for the 16th month shipping milestone. Either way, cinematic team might begin work any time. Hiring a Storyboard artist makes sense here too.


Diablo III expansion: Diablo III was released one year ago. It will be 18 months by the BlizzCon. It’s time to launch a new expansion. If adding the time needed for preparation before beta starts, plus at least six months of beta testing, there is plenty of time for cinematic work.

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3 mai 2013

Undisclosed Awesome Final Fantasy Art

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We can say the Final Fantasy IX is the most stylish Final Fantasy game, though it may be not the best one.


Yep, even before FFXII’s massive world and FFXIII’s jaw-dropping hair particles, Square’s popular series was blazing a trail in art direction, putting its own inimitable spin on fantasy and steampunk. And Final Fantasy IX, the last game in the main series to appear on PlayStation 1, had some of the most fascinating environments you’ll ever see in a video game.


Don’t believe me? Check out this great concept art, uncovered by NeoGAF sleuth Mama Robotnik, who dug through the web and found a whole bunch of images that most of us probably haven’t seen before.


First up, a selection of high-res environments from artist Jake Rowell, all of which had to be scaled down for the PS1′s low native resolution. This stuff should look very familiar if you’ve played Final Fantasy IX—and it’ll probably make you angry that there hasn’t been an HD remake.


Undisclosed Awesome Final Fantasy Art  20130205094027




Here’s some concept art from Cecil Kim, a designer who now runs a company called Section Studios. You might recognize some of these scenes from the cities of Lindblum and Madain Sari.






This is concept art by longtime designer Christian Lorenz Scheurer, showing off some of Final Fantasy IX’s more surreal locales, like Terra and Memoria.




At last, there are some character designs by Francisco Cortina, featuring some early versions of protagonists Zidane, Dagger, Steiner, and Freya (and a special appearance by Zidane’s buddy, Blank).







2 mai 2013

New AI companion added in BioShock Infinite DLC?

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According to 2K Games dev, a new AI companion character will be added into the action-shooter’s first expansion.


Elizabeth, BioShock Infinite, DLC, 2K Games, Irrational Games


BioShock Infinite’s first downloadable content expansion may add a new artificial intelligence (AI) companion character. A 2K Games developer has listed « DLC1″ on his LinkedIn page (via Superannuation), with work including « animation and R&D for a new AI companion character. »


Elizabeth, BioShock Infinite, DLC, 2K Games, Irrational Games


No further details about this character were divulged and an Irrational Games representative was not immediately available to comment.


Elizabeth is the main AI character in BioShock Infinite. It is unclear how this new character, if it is added to the game, would affect Elizabeth’s role in the game.


$20 DLC season pass of BioShock Infinite contains 3 expansions, offering extra hours of gameplay along with brand new plots, characters, equips and abilities.


Elizabeth, BioShock Infinite, DLC, 2K Games, Irrational Games



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